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An Imperfect Circle
Smoking and bent, the car rested in a heap on the wall at turn four. Noberto took the long way back, eyes to the ground and helmet in hand. This was the ninth race out of a season of twelve - his sixth DNF - and while a few of them were due to mechanical failure, it still looked bad.
DNF ......DNF......Did Not Finish, he thought.
Pat, the team owner had pulled him aside before the race and said,
'Keep in mind, this is the business end of the season'.
Noberto knew what he meant. Read More

The Unknown City
11th June
At my parents first house. I'm in trouble for doing something bad - don't remember what. Mother is yelling from the kitchen 'Come here Harold!'. I don't want to because I know...Read More

The Colour of Things
Once on a day, some time back, the sky stirred 'round up there and sighed, saying to the sun ...Read More

The Flood
They're clamping my right wrist to the panel in front of me. I'm foggy with drugs or concussion, can't tell which. Around me I sense ultra-violet lights pulsing and the dull gold warmth of overhead spotlights at low ebb. The floor is concealed... Read More

Reading gnome's story
The wood rotted, the clay was too porous and when on a day's rain come to lumpy gloppy messes. And so The Wholesaler's third attempt was with that of cement but even as they were coming to be, he felt a supreme melancholy for them. Hardy as they were, they would forever mostly be at odds with the nature surrounding them--bleeding the energy from the ground underneath, and with only snails for friends at best. Read More

the young woman who gave up on things
One time earlier, there was a young woman named Sally who lived in a bungalow, (small rustic dwelling) in a village inside the Metropolis. In this time, Sally was having a rough week amongst a rough life. Her mind was floating low and wide, awash with junk. The junk was white coloured powder. It made feelings remote and it performed much in the substitution of Sally's reality. Read More

MINTAKA. Aaaaahh............ I don't know. I don't know what I'm supposed to say.

Listen Moulin, I want to know exactly everything that happened. Got it? Now before you start, let me just say that I don't believe for a second this bullshit about you bein' insane. Strung out maybe, but unless you work out your story properly, then the Galactic High Court's gonna extradite your arse back to Mintaka.

Hey it's not much fun for me! ... having to say I went crazy. I pride myself on my grasp of reality. It's like having to admit I wet myself when I didn't, or something.Read More

how dust got started.   Way before all of this the land was clean, so was the air and none of the animals sneezed and if you were to ask them something like, 'Do you have a damp cloth?', they would just laugh at you.Read More

My Most Embarrassing Moment
By Daniel Ortega (Former President of Nicuragua)
This involved me and the pope. From here on in he'll be referred to as 'John' and I'll relate to myself in the third person due to the uncomfortable nature of this anecdote.  Read More

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