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The Sunny Breaks editorial Committee, 2004

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Hi we're team sunny breaks, and when we're not fighting magic robots, chasing space monsters, gluing paperclips together, negotiating pacts with magpies, taking a nap, a pineapple, confused about roundabouts, fucking shit up, banging the drum slowly - if you know what I mean --and I think you do, burning stuff, crawling around behind the couch, running late for my social worker appointment, hanging upside down from the ceiling, digging holes, rockin' out, conversing with the voices in my head, skippin' down the garden path, secreting, staring at commuters, eating over the sink, pushing the trakky-dak renaissance, grinning like an idiot, scoping the dairy aisle for specials, talkin' trash with the samples lady, talking to dogs who talk back to me, being an internet Maverick, J-walking, jive talking, dr.kevorkian, drinking Lime Koola from a jar, eating anything as long as it's self-saucing, -- we're here giving it up for the sunny breaks organisation - fighting!

site history and particulars

The Sunny Breaks Organisation launched in 1974 with the intent of promoting people talking about weather in workplaces and small groups. By 1980 it grew to included an internet (or at that time, ARPANET) presence.

previous styles:

This look was based on the neoplasticism style of painting. It employed more boring 'whitespace' than I usually go in for, but overall, I liked it. Yet it didn't stay around long due to its creation coinciding with summer (03/04) when my tendency to mess with stuff is at its height.

Above is a rough facsimilie of the default Pivot template that was used briefly in the dead of winter.

This one co-incided with the Tour De France, and can still be seen in older static MT-constructed archives.

The banner from the one below, seen here was made up of lots of little pictures I found on the google image search. See, the way I figure it - if I reduce an image to less than 10 or 6% of its original size - i can use it without asking anyone. However, I would like to thank the always-delightful Crisp of Crispyhead for the use of her Signor Pigman drawing.

It didn't last too long due to it causing an unexpectedly high incidence of nausea in viewers.

This style, formerly known as 'the one i was using', is now known as 'I know what you weblogged last summer'.

Much bowing, curtseying and hat-tipping must go to Kraftwerk, whose creativity drove this theme. While they were waiting for synthisizers to be invented they were playing xylophones, and even when synths could only play one note at a time, Kraftwerk were doing amazing things with them.
They show us what beauty, wackiness and originality can come from the combination of human and machine.