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How are the following
'technical' devices used to encourage audiences to 'identify' with characters in a television program: point(s)-of-view and transparency? Read More

Logic in Zen
"How is logical and rational analysis used in Buddhist philosophy? Discuss its different usage in different schools of Buddhism, being careful to show how rational analysis is used in the Zen school."
Occasionally a conversation between two...Read More

Is science ready to create its own God?
"Damien Broderick in his book, The Spike: Accelerating into the Unimaginable Future, Reed International, Kew 1997 imagines a future in which technoscience transforms us as humans. Critically evaluate his speculations and postulate a future of your own based on your understanding of current trends."
Broderick's points out that the speed of technological change (primarily in computer processing power) based on previous advances, can be charted to a point where the rapidity of growth is exponential. Beyond this...Read More

`Stuck in the middle with (E)U'
"The EU is a hybrid form of political community which is neither nation-state nor intergovernmental organisation." Discuss. From its inception with the Treaty of Rome, the process of European integration has been a hybridised process, which hasn't resembled an intergovernmental operation or a push toward the creation of a federated state. Through the vying of the opposing integration theories of neofunctionalism and intergovernmentalism it has never been inevitable that it remain a hybrid. However, with the results of Treaty adjustments and additions during the 1980s and 90s, most notably being the implementation of Economic and Monetary Union, (and several states securing opt-outs from it) the shape of the EU is most definitely hybrid and `multi-speeded, (Michelmann, 2001) in nature, and will most likely remain so into the future. Read More

Federico Garcia Lorca's    Lament for Ignacio Sanchez Mejias
Sanchez Mejias was a famous bullfighter, writer and passionate lover of literature. He and Lorca were destined to become friends, and did so through a mutual friend, Encarncion Lopez Julvez, who was a famous dancer and singer and was also known as 'La Argentinita'. Sanchez Mejias was her manager, and it was to her that Lorca dedicated the poem. On August 11th, 1934 at the age of 43, Sanchez Mejias re- entered the bullring at the request of another bull fighter who was injured. At this time Lorca was in the town of Santander. This seems to come across in the narrative style of the Lament,   Read More

Shiny Metal Rods!
"... and she's posing for consumer products now and then", replied Drell.
"you don't say", said `Captain Scarlet' flicking up his hologoggles to look Drell in the eye momentarily.
"I didn't even noticed her leave. Poor Ankh. Guess she couldn't hack it ... wanted something more meaningful to do", `Captain Scarlet' continued.
`Captain Scarlet' had been a woman the week before but had grown tired of it and remade, complete with a bushy sea-captain's beard.Read More

`touching though wires'
What is a chat room? Is it just a bunch of wire, computer code, electricity and silicon? Or can a chat room take on its own feel or vibe. Indeed, could it be possible that a chat room could actually harvest a reputation?
I think a chat room is sometimes like soup - ahla the story of the soup-stone. Really without the ingredients, stone soup is just hot water with a damn stone in it. But there is always gonna be the other ingredients, it's just the way things go.
So, to continue the analogy - Read More

Surprise Chef:   Problems and Solutions
`Surprise Chef', currently airing on channel seven is dying like a dog.
Believe me - i know what i'm talking about. Recently our next door neighbour's dog, well on in years, went through a month-long dementia - barking half-heartedly at nothing all night etc. and was only cut short by the vet's needle.  Read More