(Updated 14/4/13)
Hi. I'm back living in Geelong West. I'm happy to be back here, I was getting tired of korea. I'm not sure what I'll do with myself here yet. I'm 38 and now married.

(Updated 12/6/11)
Hi. I live in Cheongju, south korea. I've been in korea for over 6 years. For all intents and purposes I'm 37 y.o.
Things I do regularly include teach the English, write stuff into a master's thesis on Grunge rock, cut finger nails then strum on a guitar, twiddle knobs, download stuff then watch it, eat food, stay out of trouble and keep this website trundling along.

Soup is good food.

* * *

Hi I'm yak sox and I used to live in geelong west, victoria, australia. I used to live in a bungalow. I liked it there.
Now I live in South Korea. I live in a small apartment here. I think I'll like it here.
I used to be a free agent roaming the prairies and pavements, selling my services to the tallest bidder. Now I teach the english.
I've studied Psychology, Communication Studies and professional writing/editing. Generally I'm happy as long as I can get lunch, so mostly I'm happy. I'm seriously non-conformist. At the autoteller I always choose 'other amount'. I'm an opportunist. I always ask for a receipt of transaction - if they accidentally dump a hundred thousand dollars in there, believe me it'll be gone as fast as you can say, "200,000 bags of 50cent mixed lollies. Please".
I'm a skimmer across the surface of life - I'd like to be able to think a bit deeper about some things, but I caint.

Musically I like anything that's obscure and the odd thing that's not only Pavement. No, just Pavement.
And recycled, mashed-up, corrupted, glitch and perverted musics.
The eleventh of June is when my birthday is on.
My favourite hobbies include: running in front of cars, jumping up n' down on the couch, eating a coconut and clapping along to songs.
My turn-ons include - Public Transport: country or interstate trains are better than city trains, trains are better than trams, trams are better than buses. Maps: oceans or remote places are better than street maps.

I used to be a vegetarian but I've taken a break from that for a while. These days I get my jollies from life in general and supermarkets in particular. I consider myself as a spiritual person but am an unsubscriber to all of the major teams.

Rather than continue with this highly selective description, let's do a little quiz, I'll give my answers at the end. This is something an old man - my Obi Wan Kenobi-like figure showed me. (Everyone needs an Obi Wan of some sort.) Write your answers on a bit of paper or whatever - and if you're really into two-way communication email them to me! (address on main page)
The only guideline is to   t h i n k   l a t e r a l l y.

1. Think of a animal. Write it down. (Don't think too long - just do it.)
2. Think of another animal, write it down.
3. Now think of a bird and write it down.   You're doing very well.
4. Write just a couple of words about The Forest.
5. And a couple about The Ocean.
6. Last one. In a couple of words - what do you think of coffee?
But what does it all mean?

If you're one of those people who think personality can be reduced down to a list of preferred, reproducible popular-culture objects, then this bit is for you!
My favourite all time film is The Idiots, directed by Lars von Triers,
and then the rest of a top ten would include Paris, Texas, Mulholland Drive and most of David Lynch's other stuff including Blue Velvet, Lost Highway and so on and so on. Lynch is my fave director.
Thusly, Twin Peaks is the best thing that's ever been on TV.