The Little Red Riding Hood: a short script

The Little Red Riding Hood : A Short Script

Characters: Red Riding Hood
The Wolf
The Woodcutter
Two-Headed Talking Caterpillar (Narrator) – Narrator has the most lines. Having a costume that allows two children to play the one character (with two heads) allows the lines to be shared.

NARRATOR: Once upon a time there was a little house that sat right on the edge of the Black Forest. Inside the housed lived a little girl and her mother.

RED: I would like to walk in my shoes.

MOTHER: Walk where, my child?

RED: Granny’s house.

MOTHER: Ah yes, Grandmother. She is my mother. But she lives deep in the Black Forest. Are you sure it is a good idea to travel there alone, my daughter?

RED: Granny is very old and deserves our respect. I could bring her some food.

MOTHER: But we have so much work to do here before the winter comes.

RED: I must go. It is my filial duty.

MOTHER: Very well. Take this basket of pickles, limes and ham.

[MOTHER gives RED the basket. MOTHER ties the red cloak around RED’S shoulders and                                                 neck.]

NARRATOR: And so Little Red Riding Hood began her journey into the Black Forest.

RED: My goodness it really is very dark in the woods. I hope I don’t get lost.

[RED skips around the stage, looking at things and showing that she is travelling.]

NARRATOR: Very soon Little Red Riding Hood met an owl.

(OWL appears near a tree on the path that Red is skipping along. Here the path forks into two paths. RED looks at the two paths and appears SURPRISED. RED doesn’t know which way to go. At this point WOLF is on the other side of the stage, hiding behind a tree and watching RED and OWL.)

RED: Oh my, who are you?

OWL: Whoo.  Whoo.

RED: Yes, who?

OWL: I am Owl.

RED: Oh, I see. Can you tell me how to get to Granny’s house?

OWL: I can tell you how to get there if you give me that lovely basket.

RED: Okay, I can give you the basket but the food is for my Granny.

[OWL and RED talk quietly, RED hands over the basket and OWL makes hand-motions, giving RED directions. On the other side of the stage WOLF steps forward and speaks directly to the audience. He puts his hand to his mouth as if to cover the sound of his voice from RED and OWL.]

WOLF: Ooohhh! I am Soooo hungry! But I think I just found my lunch.

[WOLF sneaks off in the direction of a small cottage that is painted on cardboard at the back of the stage. Focus returns to RED and OWL. They begin speaking loudly again.]

RED: Oh thankyou. Goodbye.

OWL: Whoo.

[RED walks but has trouble holding all the food.]

RED: Why can’t I hold all these limes?

NARRATOR: Eventually Little Red Riding Hood came to Granny’s house. And she knocked on the door.

RED: Hello Granny? It is your Grand-Daughter.

[WOLF is dressed in Grandma’s clothes]

WOLF: Come in please. I am in the bedroom.

RED: Hello Granny it is so good to see you! Here, I brought you some food. Here is a ham, some pickles and limes.

WOLF: Oh my yes. Put them down over there.
Now come over here my child. Come closer.

RED: Goodness! Grandma, such big ears you have.

WOLF: All the better to hear you with my dear.

RED: Oh, and look! Such a big nose you have!

WOLF: All the better to smell you with, my dear.

RED: Ok.
Oh man! Grandma you have such big teeth.

WOLF: All the better to… EAT YOU WITH!

[WOLF jumps out of bed and chases RED around the room. RED runs out of the house and WOLF chases her.]

RED: Help! Help! Help!

[RED is running and bumps into WOODCUTTER. WOLF bumps into the back of RED.]

RED: Help a wolf is trying to eat me!

[WOODCUTTER raises his/her axe and chops WOLF right down the middle. GRANDMA pops out.]

GRANDMA: I am Grandma.

WOODCUTTER: And I am the Wood-cutter.

GRANDMA: Thank you for saving me.

WOODCUTTER: You are welcome.


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