This ain’t no place to be if you plan on being a star

Some days or some parts of some days I get stuck in the utter wretchedness of it all. I just finished making the mid-term exams and I drank too much tea so I need to go out and get something to eat fast i.e fastfood. I really wasn’t even in the mood for it for once, but I had to go down that way to get a few other things from the mini-supermarket. And both of the fastfood joints near the station are always full of people who sit there without buying anything, to the point where it’s sometimes hard to find a seat. The staff do nothing. There is nowhere I can find on the net to complain about these things, apart from here.

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The real tradge is I let myself get bothered by it. Does this kind of crap happen to Lewis Hamilton or Yao Ming? I bet it doesn’t. I know life is no picnic for them either. Yao shoots 200 baskets a day, and sometimes up to 1000. I don’t know how many baskets Lewis shoots, but I do know that a co-worker of his, Mark Webber suffers the frustration of not being able to drive on the roads in China, and that the assigned local divers are often, reportedly, terrible at their job.

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It’s been a while since I wrote here and as is often the case when that happens, it’s because very little has been happening. We got curtains. I thought about making an entry here titled “It’s Curtains For You (Me, Us)” but I didn’t. It’s amazing went went for so long – a month or so – with no curtains, but I guess that’s part of having a north facing window and sleeping in the top corner of the room.

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Also, I wonder if anyone else has thought about how the ’80s New Wave song, ‘Warm Leatherette’ by The Normal seems to foretell the untimely demise of Princess Diana.