I’m Back!!!

That’s right my friends, sunny breaks is back on track, ready to get those big wheels rollin, rollin rollin on the river.

I finished my study for the year last Friday afternoon. It wasn’t a particularly auspicious ending – in fact I’ll be damn lucky if I pass that exam I wrote. But everything else has been so terribly backlogged this last three months that it’s hard not to celebrate. Celebrate by cleaning the bath, by trynna find a new job, by passing a kidney stone.

I can’t confirm that that’s what happened but I’m pretty sure. All week I was feeling a little funny and then last night it came to a head when I suffererd these intense pains in my right-back kidney. I didn’t think I was going to die, but I did think I was headed for the hospital er room — 11pm. But just as I’d admitted the pain was too much for me, it ceased.  But not before I completely heaved my guts.

I used to be so good a vomiting. I would be able to get it all in the bowl – but while not as long as the last winning streak (9 years) this one, (2.5 years) was still quite a while between rides on the porcelain night train. It was quick. It was violent. It was thorough. I burst a blood vessel in my left eyelid.

All the innards have been feeling better today — thank god.