The Matter Transporter Affair

Things are moving along nicely. After the previously mentioned workplace change comes the necessary change of digs. Most jobs in this line of work provide a place as part of the package, but some don’t and this is one that don’t. It’s a good thing because greater choice is always a good thing. And for me, this time it’s not just me looking. J-e is looking with me because we’re planning to live together. So we’ve been looking at the area halfway between her work and mine. We saw a bunch of places yesterday and the one that came out on top looks like a goer. It’s still ridiculously small, as many places are here, but it has a mezzaniney loft thing for sleeping. A bit like living in a giant bunk-bed where the lower bed has a kitchen and bathroom built in.

God knows I’ve moved about 20 times too many in my life and while I wouldn’t really call myself a hoarder, I do acquire things with good intentions but then the things turn out to be not quite how I hoped they would and rather than passing them on I let them sit, occupying space. Space-shifting living creatures from one place to another is, apparently, quite hard but I don’t understand why they haven’t achieved it with inanimate things yet.


<a href=”” title=”ricardo-montalban by esquimauxpie, on Flickr”><img src=”” width=”240″ height=”184″ alt=”ricardo-montalban”></a>

Here’s a couple of things I’m liking at the moment.

Brazilian music. Specifically, the album ‘Lado A Lado B’ by a rap-rock style group called O Rappa. It’s from 1998 and rap-rock as a pigeonhole doesn’t really do it justice. It’s got nice chord changes and the guy’s singing style really sticks out as catchy and melodic.

This one song, attached below, was part of the soundtrack of a Rio de Janeiro film named _Elite Squad – The Enemy Within_ which I would also recommend if you like brutal action movies with voice-over exposition.

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I’m still very slowly watching through the second season of The Man From U.N.C.L.E. I was just reading the wikipedia entry on it and it says that each season was headed-up by a different person, and that partly explains the difference between the first season, which was mostly serious, and this 2nd, which is a bit more hammed up. It also says that due to the popularity of the 60s version (obviously) of the Batman TV series, the 3rd season of Uncle continued the campy style. I’m looking forward to that. At least I think I am — hopefully it doesn’t overbalance.

I’m liking the musical scoring in it, and how a lot of the guest actors were both on this and in The Original Series of Star Trek. Eg. Ricardo Montalban, with his exquisite, exotic villain accent. And in ‘The Foreign Legion Affair’ had Howard Da Silva and a scene where you had an English actor doing a Russian accent, an American actor doing a French accent and another American doing an English accent.