Pound on this

I happened to get my hands on some british pounds stirling the other day and noticed that they sported the likes of Charles Darwin and Adam Smith.
It’s true that Britain may not be able to win it’s way out of a paper bag competition these days, but in their time have produced some fairly gangsta kinds of gangsters. Darwin, literally the Godfather of science — and when I say godfather I mean the, “Godfather I have a stone I¬† my shoe” kind. Adam Smith is of the same calibre except swap science for capitalism. You can’t point to too many other people with a name as seemingly mundane as Adam Smith who still manage to evoke as much feeling as he does, and the feeling is usually _not good_.

Look at america  in comparison Рthey have people who were famous for not much more than being american. A kind of self-publicising, self-pumping-trumping kind of thing. Franklin; owned the company that employed a guy who tested out various filaments til he came across the right one that would work in a lightbulb. Franklin; an oldtimey version of Steve Jobs. Maybe america should get honest with itself and put steve jobs on one of its bills. And get popular and put Tony Hawke, pro-skater on another. Paris Hilton & Britney Spears together on the fi dollar.