The whole enchilada

I felt like being daring and upgrading the wordpress installation to the latest version. _(just press the button it’s not rocket science!)_ Sunny Breaks had been using the very old 2.01, a technological laggard more’s the pity, but the last attempt at a big upgrade resulted in flipping out the HostCentral server. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen again.
Also the theme, or ‘look’ if you will. Cutprice is not just a theme, _it’s a platform_. Also, they rent trucks. It will be modified to look a little less mundane in the near future. We’re even intending to reopen comments–after about five or six years of not caring what you think.
Lastly, note the “tags”. This is a clever device THEMAN has invented to get The Kids to do their own indexing.

_*Update:*_ Comments n’ pings are now enabled. Comment til ur little hearts are content. Comment til you can comment no more. Comment like it’s going out of style.