The Invaders

This TV series was from 1966/67. It’s about a race of aliens coming to Earth, infiltrating its private and state apparatuses in preparation for taking over the planet. The aliens look just like people. I can see how the ‘colonisation’ story arc that ran thru a large part of The X Files series’ borrowed heavily from The Invaders.

For those able to get their youtoob on, here are the opening titles:

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After watching a few episodes and then looking at the wikipedia entry my assumption was confirmed that the aliens were a metaphor for _commies_. Eventhough it was a decade after the McCarthy days, the Cold War was still rocking hard.

Since the hero is fighting the aliens I originally thought that the whole thing had a right-wing agenda, but the creator was interviewed saying that it was just as much about the paranoia and hype, as well as how several writers had been unjustly black-listed in Hollywood.

<a href=”” title=”vikor-enterprises by esquimauxpie, on Flickr”><img src=”” width=”500″ height=”378″ alt=”vikor-enterprises” /></a>

Episode 6, ‘Vikor’ was a really good example of how the aliens are evil commies, sure, but the human collaborator’s story was less black and white. A now successful manufacturing plant owner, the guy was a Korean War hero but given no help at all by his country when he returned with a gimpy leg. In the first 8 eps, the war in Korea has been mentioned 3 times. “The plant”, scientific or mechanical is a symbol of society’s advances but also the early fracturing of traditional family life.

It looks like Quinn Martin must have been doing product placement for Ford. As an aside, I’m lovin’ the era’s architecture (again, the plant) and other minor details in the outdoor shots. It reminds me of old dairy factories that used to be scattered through the western district of Victoria, which aren’t there now, or have been updated. The torrent file I d/loaded of the first season was a cable tv run, to VHS and to digital, so it’s really lo-fi looking but it looks good. I see the two seasons are available on DVD now too.