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I’ve been meaning to mention this for ages but I can never keep a bottle unopened long enough to get a foto! Here is one of the good things about living in Cheongju. The only mineral water bottling plant in the country is located somewhere nearby. Most of the restaurants and small grocery stores stock these fantastic glass bottles with the metal cap. I don’t think there’s many (if any at all) places in AU that are persisting with the glass bottles, which is a damn shame because tactile-ly they’re a lot better. Also, these aren’t available in Seoul, only around here. It’s only 700 won for one 340ml bottle, which presently is 66cents Australian. Plus you can get some sort of refund if you take the bottle back, but I leave them outside for the urchins. It’s not as minerally as I remember mineral water being in Australia, but the level of carbonation is about the same – a lot more than the plastic-bottled variety here — and really, it’s all about the bubbles. And the glass.