Gran Turismo 5

First impressions are not always the most prominent impression that remains but they are still something. They are first.
Gran turismo 5 is a playstation 3 game.

GT5 is the 5th part of a long running series of games made by a Japanese company. To me its that quirkiness that stands out with a Japanese flavour that blends itself into the game. I mean, kicking off a car racing game with a modern piano number and a detailed series of shots on making steel — it made me chuckle.

You can see it <a href=””>here</a>, but skip to the 22 second mark to avoid the rubbish promos.

<a href=”” title=”OtUiVY9mUVsoookFy4_0 by esquimauxpie, on Flickr”><img src=”” width=”500″ height=”281″ alt=”OtUiVY9mUVsoookFy4_0″ /></a>

One of the best features of the game is its visual flashiness. It’s setting a new standard for how much closer inanimate objects, like cars, can look when comparing computer images to the real thing. Above is the groovy little Fiat Lounge.

<a href=”” title=”sQDYeUCVVovoFhPAxG_0 by esquimauxpie, on Flickr”><img src=”” width=”240″ height=”135″ alt=”sQDYeUCVVovoFhPAxG_0″ /></a>

I like driving games and this one is quite realistic in the way that it works. From what I’ve read games recently have been criticised for being too easy. The Gran Turismo series tends to run its own race, and so hasn’t dumbed itself down. It’s pretty hard. Directly above and below are shots of the Lambo Murch SuperVeloce, which is very good fun to drive. I call it the beebox and I’m sure that if I could talk to the zombied Sylvia Plath and tell her about it, she’d really dig it.

<a href=”” title=”W0blW8fRUya4vyEvFs_0 by esquimauxpie, on Flickr”><img src=”” width=”240″ height=”240″ alt=”W0blW8fRUya4vyEvFs_0″ /></a>

The developers have gone to great lengths to include detail on a whole load of the cars (but not all of them, because there’s over 1000 in the game). These pics are taken from a feature in the game where you can stick a car in a specific location like Kyoto or a marketplace in Bern and ‘take photos’ of it. That, plus the driving, appeal to me and all the countless other slackers who’ll never be in a position to own a Lambo — or even a Fiat in my case.

<a href=”” title=”8Xh6tCHviWa4ScaWmG_0 by esquimauxpie, on Flickr”><img src=”” width=”240″ height=”240″ alt=”8Xh6tCHviWa4ScaWmG_0″ /></a>