Long story short

We here at Sunny breaks would like to acknowledge the continued awesomeness of <a href=”http://www.hostcentral.net.au/”>HostCentral</a> where this website has been perched hassle-free for the last six and a half years. Six and a half years!–that’s almost forever in internet-time. Most hosting people are capable of keeping servers running but I’ve found that few are good at the customer support part, especially when it means answering whingey, half-baked emails from customers. And that’s where <a href=”http://www.hostcentral.net.au/”>HostCentral</a> wins, great customer support. Plus it’s located in Melbourne so when Silicon Valley sinks into the Pacific, as it’s bound to do very soon, Sunny Breaks and all the other websites hosted on <a href=”http://www.hostcentral.net.au/”>HostCentral</a> will continue to rock the internet unimpeded.

dissertation: finished

Finally. And god I hope that’s the end. I hope it doesn’t get sent back with the note, please do this, this and this. It’s mediocre for sure but hopefully the prof will quietly let it through as long as we promise never to speak of it again. I don’t know if I complained about it on here before, but I just don’t know if teenage-minded me and the real teenagers for real are built to complete things that take that long to finish. It’s ADHD I tell you. It’s the internet. It takes supreme will power to read anything longer than 4000 words, let alone write it. They (“THEY”) really should think about changing the way dissertations are done.

There’s been a steady decline in the interestingness of this blog in the last two or three years. I feel like all I ever talk about is what I’ve been watching/listening to or other pop. culture things. Also, my writing style has become more pompous. Today is the beginning of the long walk back from boring.

First, I’m thinking of moving SBs onto a different webhost because I am starting to feel I have out-worn my welcome at hostcentral. It’s hard to say but the only thing I hear from them these days is the robots saying I’m using too much space. The place where I’m thinking of moving to offers a free domain name upon registration, and since I already have one, sunnybreaks.org, there’s the poss. of another. I used to have theredshoes.net, and the intention was I would take photos of anyone I saw wearing red shoes and put them on there, but it never happened.

Choosing a domain always blows my mind because there’s so many. But common ones are all gone, for eg. thebigcheese.com — good, but gone. However, while telling me it’s unavailable, computer suggests to me, “freethebigcheese.com” or “thebigcheesegroup.net”. This kind of stuff gets me my jollies.

Sunny Breaks and the case of: Too Many Robots!

The couple of people who check this website on a semi-regular basis may have found it a little difficult to reach recently, a little 510ish, a little _not extended_.

And of course my natural assumption is that it’s the web server not working properly. I wait a couple of days because sometimes these things sort themselves out. But it didn’t, so of course I write an “I’m flying off the handle” kind of email to web-command at HostCentral and as always I get a calm and knowledgeable reply back about what’s happening. Apparently the robots that google et. al. send out to check what’s new on websites are doing it all a bit too often and blowing out the server. I put a thing in wirdpress that might help, but in case it didn’t, <a href=”http://www.hostcentral.net.au”>Hostcentral.net.au</a> increased the awesomeness of the RAM on the server. Is there anything they can’t do? I think not.

In rod we trust

Right now I’m Putting out more heat than a fresh nuclear fuel rod. We went to the beach and I was out in the water for just over an hour total. The crazy thing is I had sun block on most of me but it mustve washed off. I swear the sun is at least twice as strong as when I was a kid. And I am now seeing how pale a complexion I really have since moving out of Aust. It looks like it’s strictly post-sunset swimming for me from now on. So nice to swim at a decent beach too compared to the usual grotty pools I’m limited to.

Been in hoi an for four days now. The tourist composition is basically Australians and french. I’ve been tempted to have a bit of fun with them by sticking a hand in the front of my shirt while strolling around nonchalantly but actually the euro accents are refreshing after all the nAmerican ones at work.

You know a couple of months ago at lunch-work I asked what was up with The Pig in Korea since it was really starting to bite in aust. But they said swine *what*? and I wondered if it was just because the media-govt was covering it up the way they like to. It just hadn’t hit there yet. Now it has. A couple of people have croaked, the media have got a hold of it and now everyones freaking out. Foreigners like me coming back into the country are especially suspect despite the fact I’m healthier now than I have been for months thanks to a relaxing holiday and despite the sunburn. I have to go to the uni nurse to get checked out when I get back and they’re delaying the start of semester by one week because of the large contingent of Chinese students it has. The burn heat should have subsided by then but if it hasn’t the infrared cameras at the airport are going to make me look like something from _Alien vs Predator_.


I had to get rid of the cutline theme, it looked too much like a magazine or something and besides – the creator is a gimp. There are a few drawbacks of this one too, but looking at the templates, it’s very simple and therefore easy to modify.

* * *

You know, I’m studying via USQ this year. For those not in the know, that’s the abbreviation for University of Southern Queensland. The main campus is located in Toowoomba, a smaller city in Qld. When I’m having a panic attack about some detail I neglected to get sorted, such as paying the fees on time, or finding out where my exam centre is, I ring the USQ (via Skype). The call gets through to one of the service desks there — USQ has a lot of overseas students so they’re appropriately staffed for it.
My call always seems to go through to a middle-aged, country-accented sounding woman named Val or Pam. It’s a comforting sound. Here, 9/10 native English voices I hear are N.American.
More to the point, Val always knows what the score is. She is calm, efficient and all-knowing. If I got to choose what the first AI name, personality and voice would be, it would be V.A.L.

* * *

In a bid to make this site popular again, here is the first in a series of *Saucy Dames of the Orient*.

<a href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/sunnybreaks/5454897697/” title=”gorgeouschinesedames1 by esquimauxpie, on Flickr”><img src=”http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5018/5454897697_8de5aee753_o.jpg” width=”384″ height=”576″ alt=”gorgeouschinesedames1″ /></a>

The whole enchilada

I felt like being daring and upgrading the wordpress installation to the latest version. _(just press the button it’s not rocket science!)_ Sunny Breaks had been using the very old 2.01, a technological laggard more’s the pity, but the last attempt at a big upgrade resulted in flipping out the HostCentral server. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen again.
Also the theme, or ‘look’ if you will. Cutprice is not just a theme, _it’s a platform_. Also, they rent trucks. It will be modified to look a little less mundane in the near future. We’re even intending to reopen comments–after about five or six years of not caring what you think.
Lastly, note the “tags”. This is a clever device THEMAN has invented to get The Kids to do their own indexing.

_*Update:*_ Comments n’ pings are now enabled. Comment til ur little hearts are content. Comment til you can comment no more. Comment like it’s going out of style.