Your Chance To Win!

I always tell myself Yeah Man time to get back with the regular blogging and make a post every day for a whole month! but it never happens. I guess at least keeping things from completely flat-lining is better than nothing.

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I used to play Squash as a chitlin and it’s strange to think that it’s been well over 20 years since I played. Je wanted to play tennis. I said tennis is really hard, why not squash. This was about a month ago. I finally got corralled into going a doing it today. I thought the physical exertion would kill me but it wasn’t that bad at all. Why did Squash never take off in a big way? Is it because it’s played in a sterile little white box instead of the sexy great big outdoors? Is it because the damn ball doesn’t bounce. Who cares, right?

The one thing I did notice as having changed is that the racquet heads are way bigger.

Ow! My ankle!!!

I’ve been watching a bit of the world cup and I’m trying to get into it but the feigning injury in order to get a free kick thing is really laughable. Pathetic you might say. It’s the job of the coach & players to exploit rules as best they can, so really it’s the governing body’s fault for not changing the rule on tripping somehow.
I guess I should be barracking for s.korea since they stand half a chance of going into the finals but of the games I’ve seen the Ivory Coast team seemed the most impressive. They have a big tribal rhythms fan squad playing the whole time. I thought Nigeria would too but no.
Aussie Rules is still a far, far better display of athleticism.


This year and last my more leisurely work schedule has enable me to get back into watching the formula one car racing. I guess I’ve watched it off and on since I was a kid. Here in Korea the best way to watch it is as a downloaded torrent. There’s one chap who’s known as tdmk who uploads the file and then it spreads pretty quickly. I get to watch it about a day after it’s fun. So, big thanks to him, and to the BBC who provide the coverage. They do a pretty good job with the reportage pre and post race, certainly much better than what I remember of channel 10 in australia.

It’s sport and drama rolled into one. All the different egos and personalities clashing and reacting with each other. I think last year I was just happy to see a close title fight and wasn’t barracking for any driver in particular. This year, despite my better judgement, I’ve been caught up in Mark Webber fever! I really hope he wins the world driver’s championship. Partly because he’s australian, but also because he seems to be getting a slightly raw deal within the red bull team. I always go for the underdog. I say better judgement, because last year, and at times this year, he’s reminded me of barracking for the Geelong Football Club — at least — a few years back, they would show such amazing potential, then snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory. But Mark has a very Australian personality and it comes through in the interviews. Also, he has this near-permanent 5 o’clock shadow and angular face which makes him look like a computer game character.

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Other drivers I’m liking this year are: Robert Kubica of Poland; he’ll definitely rise to the top in the next few years. And Heikki Kovelinan, the Finn who’s with the Lotus team this year.

Anyway, F1 is coming to S.korea for the first time this year and me and j-e, my girlfriend are going. It’s in two weeks. I’m hoping it’ll be really worth it.

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How’s this for a lunch?  The Indian food here has been totally sweet, and by sweet I mean excellent, and not necessarily sweet. Although one side-dish I had yesterday of, I think pumpkin was sweet. It was sweet~!

What I’ve liked is the staff being totally unphased by tourist of the year walking in with no idea of what the normal way of ordering is. Have I mentioned that basically no-one I’ve talked to in service positions (including checkout-chicks) have had any trouble being understood in English?
Anyway, the Indian people have been totally cool, and obviously word hasn’t got out to the malay-indian community about how terribly racist australians are, because they’ve been totally nice.
Featured in the foot above was some mammoth calamari rings, and one killer-sized prawn. I don’t know what the accepted way is for tackling a prawn like that, but no-one stared when I mostered it with bare hands. Actually, the prawn was a bit mushy. Probably it was supposed to be like that, but the rest was ace. For 18.5 ringgits = 6k KRW = 6 bucks aus. = 5 and a half US.

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I was going to launch in a couple of days ago and say I wasn’t going to watch the winter olympics on principle. Principle being that it’s just a bunch of yuppie-vacation pastimes dressed up as ‘sports’. Having a go at curling is like shooting fish in a barrel though. And I have been watching it because there’s only about two tv channels in the room I’m staying in and one of them is espn honk-kong. winter olds is still rubbish though. The real sports are ones that can be done by people living in any part of the world, and that have a minimal amount of money needed for equipment, like marathon running.
Luge. What’s that all about? How is that related to anything in the real world? You know what the real story is, don’t ay? Worldwide luge is financially backed by the military industrial complex in order to advance the technologies needed to shoot men into outer-space. Human missiles to combat the impending Plutonian invasion.
And I find it amusing that it’s the world’s strongest economic and military powers who are the only ones competing in the couples figure-skating. Russia, Japan, China, USA, and Germany. IN fact, Russia poached one of Japan’s skaters.

Following are some size-minimal fotos (w/catchy captions) to assuage the abuse of bandwidths.

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_Don’t believe the rumours_

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_Mickey Maos_

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_Persian food_

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_Could hear the call to prayer common from here_