solar power

I was around at a friend’s place the other day. She’s a good way through a remodelling of an old (circa 1850s) cottage. The front bit that looks old can’t be messed with much – and fair enough, but the back which had been redone a few times _through the centuries_ is fair game and that end happens to be north-facing so it’s good for making use of the sun as it travels through its lower angles in the winter. That’s all well and good and I don’t understand why more new house designs aren’t doing more to make use of passive solar (don’t get me started on present-day housing architecture).

And she recently had a bank of solar panels installed. We stood watching the little silver wheel in the electricity metre spin backwards! That appeals to my nerdy tinkering nature. I didn’t ask how much the panels actually cost but I’m dumbfounded as to why they’re not utilised more widely. The power grid, like public transport, like the health system is something that logically should be publicly run – not privatised. If the govt still owned the power utilities it would make sense and be a lot easier for them to continue solar panel subsidies.