Sleeping Dogs: a review

I just finished the computer game, Sleeping Dogs, which I played on PS3. It’s an open world game, which means there are a set of tasks to complete but you can also just cruise around the constructed environment. This game is fairly heavily inspired by the Grand Theft Auto franchise. It’s set in Hong Kong and so, also riffs off  Hong Kong cinema of the martial arts and cops n robbers kinds.

The story line was pretty good. It’s about an undercover cop who infiltrates the HK triads. At times we wonder where his loyalties lay and that’s what makes it good. I haven’t watched that film _Infernal Affairs_ for a few years but I suspect it’s a bit similar to that.

The thing that sets it apart is its detailed hand-to-hand combat system. The driving around is also adequate but not quite in the same league as GTA4. There’s some good music on the in-car radio including some new stuff that I got liking.

Almost any song that has some robot voice in I’ll end up saying to myself, hey I like that.

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The bass sound is also subtly unique. It makes me want to get a really good quality pair of headphones and work on creating some deep deep beatz that no one will hear.

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I do vaguely remember seeing _Enter The Dragon_ and its final sequence and not thinking much other than wow Bruce Lee is awesome. But when you see some normal dude getting out of a Lexus wearing yellow sneakers and full-body yellow lycra you tend to take note. Here, Wie Shen, our protagonist gives the proverbial nod to Bruce Lee. [Sportscasters, please stop abusing the word protgonists. They are just sports players, not characters in some story.]