Paranormal Activity

I just watched the movie called _Paranormal Activity_. Pretty scary!

Eventhough it was made a couple of years ago it’s great to see something that’s being made in these (uncertain economic) times that makes me feel something other than disenchanted with cinema.

The freaky thing was about ten or fifteen minutes into watching it — I just d/loaded the torrent and was watching it here in the apt., by myself, with the lights off, as I normally do with movies, and my fucking clothes rack collapsed. That’s a pretty big co-incidence that it should happen then, it’s been standing fine for the last 8 months. Get this: I was just reading the wikipedia article on the movie and I saw this

They were impressed by the film as well and handed the DVD to Steven Spielberg, who took it home to watch.[8] Spielberg allegedly returned to DreamWorks the next day with the DVD in a “garbage bag” because he thought the DVD was “haunted”. According to Spielberg, minutes after he viewed the film, his bedroom doors “locked by themselves” and he could not get out without calling in a locksmith.

I mean, that could be hype… but interesting.

Anyhoo, there was some point in the film where because they limited themselves to one camera, and needing to keep the suspense building, the plot started to poke through the suspension of disbelief, but it did very well for at least the first 40 minutes, and even when I could tell it was a fiction I was still scared by it. I’m still scared now! :O