Oh boy I’m having another non-starter day. Should be ploughing on with the assignment writing but cannot get up the steam. Like a coffee pot on a little open fire that’s just not hot enough. Like that.

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I’ve been watching music docos partly for fun but also partly to try to help get up motivation with the writing. I watched the BBC’s ‘the seven ages of Rock’. I happened to see one episode of it while back in australia. It was good, especially the first two parts, about the mid-sixties, and then early 70s and glam rock. Very interesting to find a little more about Roxy Music. It’s so cool that Bryan Ferry and Brian Eno were once in the same band. Looking back from this time, it seems so unlikely, and that’s why it’s cool. D/L’d their first (self titled) album and found it very distinctive. I even a little bit liked some of Ferry’s later, solo stuff, but back on these first two albums have got such a great mash of his classic voice and Eno’s little flourishes of weirdness.

The doco series also did Punk: ok, heavy metal: also ok (Black Sabbath were really cool) Stadium Rock: Freddy Mercury was cool, Grunge & alternative (focused a bit too much on Nirvana) and ended with English Indie: ok, but because it’s so recent I bet it’ll look a bit out of place in a few years.

*   *   *

Also been watching a few films – no theme. _Solyaris_ (1972). The original, Russian version of a film that was hollywood-remade in recent years. This is the second stalinist-era russian film I’ve seen in two months, and man, do they move slow. This would’ve been easier to watch if I hadn’t accidentally seen the american version some time recently.

_Napoleon Dynamite_  Now I understand the ‘vote for Pedro’ t-shirts I’ve seen on the internet.

_A Boy and His Dog_ (1975). Post-apocalypse. I bet Don Johnson wishes he never went in on this one.

_Der Untergang_  (2004) That’s german for ‘downfall’. Illustrates the last days of the third Reich. Surprisingly good. Although it didn’t really portray Hitler as the ultra-speed freak that he was. He did have a bit of a wrist twitch going though. Lots of little subtle moments and glances in this that’d be lost on the Cineplex audience. The guy who played Goebbels pretty much stole the show, he was such a scary-lookin’ motherfucker, with a completely fanatical wife. It was partly told through the eyes of a woman who worked as Hitler’s secretary, and the film started and ended with short commentaries by _the real_ woman portrayed. That really brought home how recent it is, as did the info at the end of how a lot of the Nazi upper hierarchy lived out their days and when they died — some not so long ago.

_The Quiet Earth_ (1985) Kiwi depopulated world situation, sadly marred by an annoying love-triangle.

_Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus_ (2009).  Wow. This makes an episode of McGuyver look professional and believable. Classic scene was when the mega-shark jumped out of the water and snatched a commercial passenger airliner out of the sky. Top marks for imagination on that one.