Further into movies of older music, The Rolling Stones ‘Rock and Roll Circus’ is what I watched a few days back. It has a strange feel, the way the live audience is made to wear smocks in co-ordinated colours. It had a live rock performance meets kids tv show feel.

1. I don’t like The Who. Never have. I feel like it’s hard to fully justify because so many people seem to be gaga about them. I have tried. I d/loaded live at leeds and had it on the ipod for a week. It’s as they play everything in a key that sounds wrong to me. Don’t like Pete Townsend, don’t like the singer guy, and keith moon is not a band himself. Everyone has some kind of thing like this that’s never clicked. Maybe it’s the rock-opera leanings. Queen is the same, don’t like ’em, but can totally appreciate the place that Bohemian Rhapsody has for bogans hanging blocks everywhere.

2. I had an unfortunate situation involving Jethro Tull’s Aqualung album a month ago. I was listening to it doing the dishes, and what with my brain in a long cycle of high rpms because of study, a lot of bits of about the first five songs got stuck in there and would surface constantly. I’d wake up at 3.30am and hear ‘I don’t believe they knew I was a schoolboy’, which is dumb all by itself without it driving you crazy.

Somewhere last year I heard a short interview with ian anderson whay back when and he was saying how they were recording that album in a studio the same time Led Zepp was doing one of theirs, and that at some point, in public, anderson had made some remark re Robert Plant that ‘if only we could put my lyrics with Led Zeppelin’s instrumentation’ the thing being that he thought his lyrics were great, and Plants weren’t and that Plant was offended by this. It wasn’t mentioned but I couldn’t help but wonder how the rest of jethro tull felt about it.

3. The best song on it was the stones doing Jumpin’ Jack Flash. It’s in a slightly lower key, or slowed down a tad, but it makes it good.

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