the crossroads

Y’know I’ve never been a huge fan of Gibson guitars, and the few occasions I come across a foto of the 1950s Les Paul man on the internet I’m struck by the unassuming look he had. I know it was the 50s and all that jazz, but I would mistake him for an accountant. If there had ever been anyone who seemed like they really did sell their soul to the devil for fame, I used to think it was that guy, but then it doesn’t really make sense that he’d only be playing jazz.

<img src=”” width=”282″ height=”400″ alt=”les paul n mary ford” />

Anyway, goodbye dude. You really were an amazing player and inventor. I’ll be really grateful if my hands work well enough to still be playing when I’m 94. Here is a mini-doco on your life. Okay I’m off to btjunkie to see if I can d/load some of yours and Mary Ford’s 50s jazz stuff. It sounds sweet.

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While we’re on guitar stuff, I haven’t been buy much lately, but I did get a small pack of <a href=”″>v picks</a> aka plectrums. Initially one would baulk at the price that averages out to three buck US for one pick – a piece of plastic afterall, but hey whatever — I gave it a try and wasn’t disappointed.

I had been using a really thing (0.50 mm) pick for the last year, so to begin with the vpick felt way chunky – but it’s really nimble too. The thing I noticed first was how much louder the guitar sounded when playing unplugged. Also the thickness seems to encourage harder strumming which is not a bad thing.  Also, the pick is something that’s always used – so $3, at least the way I see it, pays for itself quickly compared to other things I’ve bought for 100 that I only use now ad then.