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It’s funny that this news-a-bit should come up now about robots. Quite amusing to see them walking around in various odd ways. Just recently I was buying an electric shaver, the last one quitting it (more or less) after 7 or so good years. But I had this short, weird thought after the sales guy had done well at being helpful and I’d surprised myself by getting enthusiastic and deciding, ‘yeah, I do want to buy this shaver today’. We went over to the cash register and he handed me over to another person, and I thought wouldn’t it be funny if he went back to where he was standing and went into a static, standby mode until the next customer came along.

Also, this morning I was at the local, large supermarket, Home+, and as can often be the place on weekdays during business hours, there was almost no other customers there. There was plenty of staff doing all the things they do but again it occurred to me that one day in the future I could be there like that and really be the only person in the place because all the shelf-stockers and salespeople are human-looking and sounding robots.

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leaps forward

Now here’s progress, robots for teaching English in kinda. It was just last Monday that I was fantasising about having a conversation with my university students where I told them that one day in the future they would have a robot teaching them instead of me. Then I imagined the robot: it would be about 8 feet tall, shiny metal and if those students at the back kept talking out of turn, the robot’s hand would morph, Transformers-like, into a fat laser and blast their slack arses into smouldering, vaporised nothing.

Meanwhile, in the future I will be living on Mars with Elon Musk and a select group of other really cool people.

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Die Roboter


For ages I’ve wanted to get a foto of one of these dudes. I seen them on the highways, but of course I’m always on a bus and can’t stop to get out. If I was ever going to make music and if it needed album art I would get a foto of three of these dudes and me.

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I just finished watched the 2nd and last season of The Invaders. Really is amazing how much the X Files borrowed off of it. My final conclusion is that is wasn’t alluding to the soviets and the cold war, but that the stiff little finger was more hinting at the Illuminati and its secret hand signal. Please refer to *this* GIS of prominent figures including Clintons, Obamas and Bushes doing the hand sign.

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nothing of great consequence

So. After doing really well with the studies last Fri. I’ve done nothing for a whole week, and will probably do nothing today. But I’ve been a bit sick. A sore throat that most likely got rolling from bacteria but had a helpful push along by the heightened amounts of dust in the air at present, both normal and plutonium enriched thanks to china. I tell ya maurice, the world’s going to hell in a handbasket. It’s still unseasonably cold here. Unseasonably is a polite way of saying what the fuck’s going on??? I was theorising that the huge amounts of snow dumped on europe and east coast of n.america last winter were due to the ‘atlantic conveyor belt’ breaking down. That’s a large underwater current in the Atlantic that brings warmer water up from the central atlantic to the north, and prevents the land masses in that area from getting any colder than they already are.  And so perhaps there was some sort of follow-on in this part of the world, because I’m still wearing my jacket most days.

Also, there’s all the earthquakes. I mentioned this here once before. If this was an earthquake blog, business would be booming. Volcanoes are erupting, yadda yadda yadda. I blame the CIA.

I like this because this is pretty much how I fold my hand-towels and face-washers. Pick them up, stare for about twenty minutes…

A doco on origins of heavy metal mentioned Blue Cheer. Their first album, Vincebus Eruptum, is pretty sweet. A little claptony, a bit hendrixy, but simpler and more full on. They remind me a lot of Mudhoney. Here they mime the studio version of a Summertime Blues cover.

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