I’m having a bad day re getting the studies done. Sometimes I’m right on it, other times it’s like I just can’t get the water hot enough to make steam and drive the wheels. Fuzzy.


Sometimes the writing I am forced to do each week leads to interesting juxtapositions. Like, What about a film recombination of the literary classic, _heart of darkness_, a few elements of _Apocalypse Now_ and the basic plot outline of the 1966 science fiction film, _Fantastic Voyage_? I don’t know how these thing fit together but maybe it could be a cautionary tale about nanotech, and the invasiveness of technology on the body.
I remember seeing fantastic voyage when I was a small boy and it was interesting to see it again. It included the nervous englishman who went nuts or psychotic, a subtle message on the ills of cigartte smoking, a hat tip towards hinduism and Racquel Welch, although I was expecting Racquel Welch to be in a swimsuit at least once but this did not happen.

ps. how much does google love blogs? I just googled the phrase, ‘tuo yaw’ to see what else had used it and this post was _already_ listed — 30 seconds later.