got a new phone!

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I got a new phone a few weeks back. This foto was intending to show both the phone and the colour of the trees outside on that bright summer’s day, two days ago. Regrettably neither have really come out. My girlfriend helped me get the phone, but it still took 3hrs with all the processing. And it’s still not in my name because the contract was for 12 months but my visa at present is not valid for 12 months. Also, their computer system wasn’t equipped to handle an anglo-saxon name – too many letters – so the bills couldn’t be drawn directly from the credit account; instead they will send a bill in the post each month which I have to take somewhere to be paid.

I’ve been getting a lot of wrong numbers. I get calls from people who I don’t know and can’t understand. They say Hello? Hello? and I just listen silently. They hang up. At first it bothered me because it would break my concentration with whatever I was doing (Hammy) but I’m starting to enjoy it. I may start heavy-breathing.

I wish the buttons on the phone were a bit bigger.