black dog 1

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I used to know this family that had a black Labrador. It would exude this vibe of ‘sigh, I’m a black dog’.  I’m going to watch a 1988 film, _Black Dog_. It has Patrick Swayze in it, so it’s bound to be good. Mostly, when I hear “Black Dog” I think of Led Zepp IV, and play it. The song after that is called Rock And Roll, but the line in the chorus is ‘Been a long time since I rock and roll’..ed? I guess,  but it always makes me think of <a href=”,_New_South_Wales”>Binalong</a> which you will have been through if you’d taken the most direct road-route between Melbourne and Sydney. (Hmm, well it used to. It may well have been bypassed by now.) If I was the Binalong tourist promotion person I’d make a TV ad campaign that used that song and the slogan, ‘Binalong time’. It’d attempt to entice Sydney yuppies to visit Binalong, and would probably fail miserably but it would have to be done.