Here’s how change happens. One day you wake up and find out something else has been added. Like ‘Radiation’ becoming part of the weather forecast. Yesterday it was rain coming up from the south with a slim chance of radiation. Today it’s dust blowing in from the north-west with a greater chance of … radiation. It’s really blowing my mind, like I’m in a Philip K. Dick SF plot detailing a nasty future. I was thinking about going to the Seoul motoshow tomorrow, but it’s a bit far out of town and apparently a fair chunk of the new stuff is electric cars — not that exciting to look at. This is changing much faster than I thought it would too. The main car manufacturers seem to be dead-serious about getting these electric cars onto the roads and the first thing it makes me think of is, where are we going to get all this extra electricity from. Unfortunately, my guess is a lot of countries like s.korea and china will be building more nuclear power plants. I really hope Australia isn’t dumb enough to start building nuclear power plants.

I had this brainwave the other day. Why don’t they design solar energy collectors that are shaped like trees? It would depend on the photovoltaic cells being thin enough that some light could pass through, like with real leaves, but I think they (THEY) might already be onto this because I read something about producing a solar film that can be coated onto the outside of skyscrapers. Anyway, it would be more space-efficient than the flat, satellite-dish looking things that are common at the moment.

love marriage

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For my personal recordments I would like to say that yesterday, March 31st was the first day of the year that was not cold. That’s a long time to wait and it seems to be longer every year but I can never remember.

It’s international back-up your data day. Or maybe it was yesterday, but either way, it’s well worth observing. There’s nothing like a catastrophic data-wipe to ruin your week. These things can come out of nowhere and through circumstances that no one could imagine. Segue to the fukushima situation. Nevermind the human disposition to zone out, goof off or just plain fuck up, the real problem with nuclear power is brought home with this disaster. And that is that there is a million-billion variables of what can go wrong and we simple humans are not capable of thinking of them all, let alone having pre-planned solutions for them all.


In rod we trust

Right now I’m Putting out more heat than a fresh nuclear fuel rod. We went to the beach and I was out in the water for just over an hour total. The crazy thing is I had sun block on most of me but it mustve washed off. I swear the sun is at least twice as strong as when I was a kid. And I am now seeing how pale a complexion I really have since moving out of Aust. It looks like it’s strictly post-sunset swimming for me from now on. So nice to swim at a decent beach too compared to the usual grotty pools I’m limited to.

Been in hoi an for four days now. The tourist composition is basically Australians and french. I’ve been tempted to have a bit of fun with them by sticking a hand in the front of my shirt while strolling around nonchalantly but actually the euro accents are refreshing after all the nAmerican ones at work.

You know a couple of months ago at lunch-work I asked what was up with The Pig in Korea since it was really starting to bite in aust. But they said swine *what*? and I wondered if it was just because the media-govt was covering it up the way they like to. It just hadn’t hit there yet. Now it has. A couple of people have croaked, the media have got a hold of it and now everyones freaking out. Foreigners like me coming back into the country are especially suspect despite the fact I’m healthier now than I have been for months thanks to a relaxing holiday and despite the sunburn. I have to go to the uni nurse to get checked out when I get back and they’re delaying the start of semester by one week because of the large contingent of Chinese students it has. The burn heat should have subsided by then but if it hasn’t the infrared cameras at the airport are going to make me look like something from _Alien vs Predator_.