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If you’re interested in Korean affairs, then you might have heard about the sinking of the navy boat cheonan a couple of months back. I admit that I found it fairly easy to assume that it was north korea who dunnit, but then I also am aware of south korean peoples’ child-like tendency to fuck things up, not to mention the fact that we’re talking about a branch of an armed forces — that is, we all make boo-boos but when people with explosives do, we tend to hear about it.

My end conclusion was, yeah it probably was the N.koreans, but the s.koreans fudged their investigation, and rather than admit that, they started making shit up to make it look how they wanted.   Again, I’ve seen minor versions of this chain of events and behavioural tendency in general life here.

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No joke, I’ve walked past portrait shops where they show examples of their work in the window, large hang-on-yer-wall things of a family that get all dressed up in their best clothes, get the photo, then have it photo-shopped (badly, I might add) onto the background of someone else’s livingroom.

What I’m eventually getting to is this 20min doco, which actually goes a step further and kind of sums it up as the Korean navy and ruling govt party as actively covering up their incompetence and pointing to n.korea as the boogeyman.

Interesting doco, and good of them to make the effort to do it in English.

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I’m no defender of n.korea – not in the slightest, but no one likes being lied to.

in the dark of the beaches

For the last couple of months, a couple times a week I get people to read me ‘The Sneetches’ by Dr. Suess. I’m convinced he wrote that and ‘The Zax’ about Koreans, North & South, and the split in the 50s. As much as I like those stories, I’ve been wanting to hear some more and I finally ordered a compilation book of Suess off amajon. For whatever reason I never really got into those books as a youngster.
I would have scanned one of the pictures from the book to put here but hooking up the scanner is a hassle, frankly speaking.

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Dsico (that no talent hack) has released an aborted album, Touch Me (not like that). I like it – I like the realism of it. As some who farts around with instruments, it’s inspiring to hear stuff like this because it’s a reminder that Hey I can do that!
The track (Wait) Take your time is perhaps the overall best example of his style. It features a guitar riff ripped from the 60s song, “I’m not your stepping stone” and some whacky backing vocals, which while they are performed by dsico, sound like a bloke called Trev from over the back fence dropped by to help out with the track. Note the album cover is probably the men’s toilet at Enmore station, I don’t know for sure but Tony would. Other noticable influences on the album include The Cure and Tiny Tim. It doesn’t cost any money to download.