Tokyo Burger Expose

I know it’s not a particularly trendy thing to do, but I eat at McDonalds. I do it every so often which in real terms means once every week and a half or so.  To my best recollection I haven’t eaten it in Australia within the last decade. There’s just no need there; too much other better food.

Here in SK, it’s cheap, salty and everywhere. Sometimes I think my body makes me go there just for the salt.

On new year’s day while guitar shopping in Tokyo I decided to lunch at McD’s because I couldn’t see much around that was open. It was a few bucks more expensive there but worth it — over quality and size was better. Folks in Japan really love their hamburger patties. There was some kind of spice in there that was interesting.

Here, we have McDonald’s delivery which would be a good idea except that once the products lose more than a few degrees of heat, they turn back into toxic waste. But I had to try having it home-delivered at least once. Like all delivery places in this country, the shop has a delivery zone, beyond which the will not deliver. As it turned out, the local franchise wouldn’t deliver to my joint, but they’d come close; the corner of the main intersection, which is about three minutes walk from here.

That’s not home-delivery damnit! There was nothing else for it–I sent the g/f to go stand on the corner, waiting for the man. But as alluded to before, by the time the stuff got back to the house, it was dead cold and not especially appealing. A lesson is learned.