Mafia 2

This is a game I’ve been wasting a bit of time on recently. It’s set in the post-war ’40s and early ’50s. It’s 3rd person style and it lends pretty heavily from Grand Theft Auto, and Scorsese’s gangster films. It was made by what I think is a fairly small game studio in eastern Europe. The best thing about it was the voice acting. Here’s one of the cars you can drive – a take-off of a Ford something. You can change the wheels, the paint colours and the license plate. You can’t see it here but the plate I chose for this car is 2*TONE. The cultural references in the game spill right out to the mid-50s eventhough the timeline doesn’t go that far.

<a href=”” title=”7086016935_0f27b3d73c_o by esquimauxpie, on Flickr”><img src=”” width=”500″ height=”357″ alt=”7086016935_0f27b3d73c_o”></a>