avatar (2009)

I went to see the movie _avatar_ yesterday. Part of the plan was that it’d be cooler in the cinema but it wasn’t. They AC wasn’t working so it was a bit like a sauna. But the film was surprisingly good. James Cameron does things on such a big scale. The 3D thing was interesting. The first 40mins or so I was kind of distracted by it, but in a good way. All up, it didn’t detract from the experience. And I was expecting the computer graphics to be hamfisted and disappointing as they often are, but that aspect was also quite good. CGI has come a long way in ten years.

I remember just seeing the trailer for something like ‘final fantasy 10’ about ten years ago and the computer faces were terrible. Not even creepy in a fun way, the way Thunderbirds is. Anyway, the main thing is that _Avatar_ had a decent story to it, thus the technical aspects are not the leading feature. This is where George Lucas has been getting things wrong the last few years.

It was interesting to see how the audience was able to bond with these odd looking blue creatures. There was a gruff looking brickie type sitting next to me and I could see at one point he was wiping away the tears from behind the 3D buddy holly glasses with his singlet.

I went expecting to be analysing it in the way I’d been doing with film in study this last 6 months, but got carried away with the story. I guess I’ll have to go see it again. I did note that due to the invaders still being mostly white, mostly male, that the other is still the other — some kind of mix of African and native American.