the movies are always groovy

Couple of films worth noting.

_Mikey & Nicky_ (1976) is something I came across via the beastie boys’ website.

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When watching it I thought there’s something a little odd about the scenes. Kind of reminded me of the way Lynch directs. Afterward I read on weeklepedia that the director, Elaine May, was basically insane and used more film in the shooting than was used in Gone wid da Wind. I guess she cajoled the two main actors into doing the same scenes 20 times over, with each take getting looser with the acting. That scuffle in the yootoob clip where Cassavetes slips over — you can’t act accidents like that.

_Suspiria_ (1977) is a film by an Italian director I only just heard of, Dario Argento.

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Visually it was extremely rich and I love that. I’m guessing it was shot in some oldish buidings somewhere in northern Italy that look amazing; the detailing in the wood of the doors is one tiny example. It’s not a film set, it’s a real, bizarre place. And many of the actors were flat out weird looking. The audio had a strange quality because the (Italian) actors performed in English, but then in post-production, they dubbed native English (English and American) actors voices over it. The lip-syncing is okay but there’s no ambient noise in the shots.

The plot is actually pretty lame and follows the standard slasher-flick structure. Still interesting to look at.

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