the noise of small birds

Well you can’t spell twitter without twit and I have been quite resistant to the so-called, _”social media”_ but since my studies are wrapping up I have a little more time to really get down and grok what twitter is all about. However I maintain that I am never going to use facebook.

And so, like your dad, I just signed up for twitter, several years after even the techno-lumpin. Actually, that’s not true, I did infact make an account over three years ago but I used it once and didn’t see much point to it, stopped, and I guess they delete old accounts. Or at least old accounts of non-famous people, because I noticed that whacky old <a href=”!/Kimi_Raikkonen”>Kimi Raikkonen</a> did the same, used it a couple of times then gave up years ago. I guess I thought it’d be another thing that’d have me potentially neglecting this website more than I do now. Plus it’s essentially the same thing any way — blogging — except on an ADHD scale. Communication for the always connected foreveralone.jpg generation.

Actually, come to think of it, maybe back then it was the name that I couldn’t get past. It sounded so dippy and gimicky, like it wouldn’t last long. Like the name of a Linux computer program eg. Jabber – the AIM clone. But I guess twitter is an apt name. Noise emitted by small, near-mindless creatures.

The internet’s supposed to be all about democracy and everyone having their say but it always seems to work out pyramid-shaped and this is no different. ‘Following’ my heroes in text form brings up the possibility of something terrible happening, like finding out that someone I think is really cool “had fish and chip’s” or instead of writing definitely they write ‘defiantly’ or ‘definatly’.

Anyway, my twit is yaksox, but it’ll be just as dull as everyone else’s.


Man, I’m a little bummed to hear that yahoo are shutting down – the bookmarking site. There’s been a billion little useless web thing-ama-jigs invented over the last ten years and I’ve steered clear of most of them, partly because they weren’t useful but also because of this possibility of death. Delicious was useful because I often saw pages which didn’t really merit being commented upon here, but are worth noting nonetheless, and it was fairly easy to search back through. I am able to export a copy of the bookmarks, and I may stick it as a static page here, but it’s annoying that a company the size of Yahoo (who don’t deserve the exclamation point they claim) can’t make the commitment to keep things like delicious going.

Here is an example of the kind of bookmark that interesting and would have previously been quietly added to the top-right sidebar for the reader to browse if they so chose: <a href=””>dragtimes</a> – filthy rich Russians drive expensive cars fast on public highways. Now I will have to put them back into the main body text, as I used to 6 or 7 years ago, and then needlessly blither on about what the link is.

I’m always a bit fascinated by the new wild-west places, like Russia at present, or Abu Dhabi etc. – where money is being thrown around in huge chunks. Not so much because I want the money but it’s interesting to see how it shapes the society. I would be tempted to think about working in Russia if it wasn’t so fucking cold.

Amber Lamps

_(written last sat. nite)_

I’ve been thinking a lot about amber lamps today. I wish that instead of having to do one monolithic thesis for the master’s’ that I could do smaller, loosely connected nodes on things that are current and interesting. I got tired of the idea of a grunge thesis about a year ago.

I’d like to unpack the amber lamps meme. I must admit that the first time I watched ‘fatnigger’s’ utoob clip I was mainly paying attention but did note in passing the girl on the seat in the background and that she did not react or move away from the fight. Perhaps it’s the case that fights on buses are so common in the USA that this was for the most part, the unremarkable part of the video. However, by-standers who are not easily phased, I take it, are rare.

I can identify with amber lamps. I too am non-interventionist, even to a fault some would say. “how can you just stand there and say nothing yakky?” they say. But everything will work out the way it’s meant to. Was that what amber lamps was thinking?

I want to get an amber lamps t-shirt if there is one. I’m sure there is.

PS. They played the rock and roll animal version of sweet Jane at starbucks. I haven’t heard that album in years. I’m at starbucks because cafe Benny was full.

Anger. Rage in america is another issue. Epic beard guy was feelin it. This seems fairly typical of many Americans I’ve seen. It’d be easy to interpret it negatively. As if it’s epic beard guy’s weakness. But I’ve learnt that it’s a positive sign to be able to express anger. Even when it seems to be conveyed poorly it is still moving in right direction. And that’s the main point. It’s on the way to somewhere. Somewhere better.

lol, wat?

Last Saturday I spent at least an hour solid scrolling through the archives of this site, <a href=””>image macros</a>. It’s a combination of ‘funniest home videos’ style still images with this fascinating new form of internet-speak that has sprung up in the last 5 years. You have to be in the right frame of mind to look at it. Detached is best. I was looking at this semiologically. I would guess a fair few of these are done by the same person because there seems to be more of a sciencey bent with these than is representative over the internet.

One thing I find interesting is that it shows how images on the internet have reached a kind of critical mass. Even though cats aren’t involved in this genre, there must be a billion pictures of cats on the internet, and once they’re there they stay there.

From image macros, there’s *<a href=””>this</a>*. I remember seeing this picture somewhere on the internet nearly ten years ago, but here it is still, and now repackaged to fit the ‘picture unrelated’ meme.

Anyway, some of the images are quite funny, and I liked this one best.<a href=”” title=”hianteater by esquimauxpie, on Flickr”><img src=”” width=”400″ height=”300″ alt=”hianteater” /></a>

This site seems to be closely linked with If you’re game go check that out.

south korea, internet, google, you-tube, FREEDOM

I don’t usually bother dabbling in polotics these days but this is interesting. I was a little puzzled the other days when I couldn’t leave a biting comment on you-tube about an effects pedal the other day. Firefox throws down a little box saying comments have been disabled because of blahblah real name policy. I thought this would mean that I’d have to go to some dumb korean website to sign up with my name just so I could troll youtoob.

But after reading <a href=””>this article on the hankoryeah</a> I see that google central has shut down comments and uplaods to you-tube from within S.Korea, because fascist government policy here goes against their belief that people should be able to be anonymous on the internet. Right on. About time google did something I agree with. The article finished with this:

Jeon Eung-whi, a standing member of Green Consumers Network in Korea, said, “This affair has given an impression to the world that ‘South Korea is an advanced nation in terms of technology, however, is a backwards nation in terms of freedom.

You’re Off The Team!

It’s time to prune those dead blogs off the link-list. Other people’s blogs come and go but truly dedicated, addicted-to-writing types like us here at sunny breaks keep plugging along. I can think back over the years and there have indeed been a few blogs that I’ve linked to then, for one reason or another, I’ve started hating them or they’ve become dormant. Rather than forget about what was actually here, this time I’ll annotate.

<a href=””></a> – great idea for a blog. I think they only lasted two posts before checking out.

<a href=””></a> – ‘a vampire lurks in the works’ – you have to say it with a new zealand accent. A young man by the name of _Lachlan Anderson_ playing punk bass guitar for an outfit called Die! Die! Die! — not updated anymore.

Brainal Meltdown, <a href=””></a> ceased to exist almost two years ago but I’ve been reluctant to take it off because it was one the ones that was there from the beginning. I wonder what cybbis is doing now?

<a href=””></a> – Critical, darling — dead.

<a href=””></a> – The qbrand qblog — OMG, so dead.

<a href=””></a> – dxe — far too few posts from them considering how funny it was.

Now that I have a quick run through the list, I’m actually surprised how many are still going. To all of you who are still going, as you were.