snacks on a plane

I’m at the airport in tokyo, on my way through back to melbs. yahoo have a free innernet cafe here. Pretty good, because I didn’t bring a laptop for the first time in forever. Instead I brought a whole bunch of guitar pedals to sell on the ebay, and a guitar that I broke down into parts so it’d fit in the suitcase.

There’s muzak all over this joint. Normally I can dig the vileness of muzak but right now it’s starting to get at me. I’m hungry. Qantas has me stuck here for just under 8 hours with no food – I’ll be damned if I’m going to buy anything here – prices are outrageous. Flying Qantas is like living on the san andreas – re their safety record – it’d be better to be on one of those airlines that’s had a bunch of minor crashes and fatalities here and there, because the law of averages says that since the fyling kanga has gone so long without killing someone that when they do – it’ll most likely be a midair collision between 3 qantas 747s. The suspense is killing me.

I’m hoping I don’t get interrogated like I did at immigration in Melbourne this time last year. Fuckers.

Anyway, I better go and get right down into enjoying the beatness of having nothing to do for the next 5 hours.

… i may be back.