spaces in Lion

Apple, you idiots. Why did you wreck up the spaces function in the new version of os x? People think three dimensionally. You should’ve been working towards designing for that. You had spaces working two dimensionally via a grid of four desktops and that was good, but you went backward to one dimension.

I’m all for new features but make sure that the status quo can be maintained by those who want to stay with it.


People, if you agree, please leave a comment. Maybe apple will see this and think about re-implementing the old 2×2 spaces.

lacking motivation

You know I first came across these de-motivator posters on the internet 5 years ago but it appears that the chuds have finally caught up, this being helped along by web-apps that allow you to make your own de-motivator. The problem is that every image search I do now is swamped with ‘de-motivator’ posters created by chumps who have no understanding of brevity or wit. Here, I made one that parodies these idiots who fail to understand parody:


Very occasionally I do come across one that’s been made with a little spark. A little bleak, but I like:
(found here)