Lasonic i931 ghettoblaster: a review

Plenty of front, not much back and sides. That’s the overall thought I’ve got about this. But I do like it though. The first big caveat is that this particular model is now a lot less useful since those coastal cut-throats at Apple anounced that the next iPhone would have a different size/shape dick connector.

One of the big features of the Lasonic is that you can slot your iPhone 4/4s, or current gen iPod into the spot where a cassette tape would traditionally go. And so, all your music on that device is ready to play thru the boombox. Anyway, there’s also slots to insert a USB stick or SD card.

One of the things that originally drew me to this was that it was giving music its own place again — ie not on the computer and played thru whatever speakers were on the computer. But in practice, I’m still playing computer files of music thru the blaster. I haven’t actually stuck the iPhone in there much since that’s the music I listen to when I’m out. USB sticks are do-able but a bit unwieldy. Even if you’ve only got 15 albums on one stick, which ie easily done, even on a 2gig stick, you still have to slowly button press thru each folder (one album, one computer style folder) to get to what you want. It’s just not the same as putting a physical album (LP, tape, CD – I don’t care) on to play and that being that.

It has an AM/FM tuner function on it too, so I expect it’ll come into its own a bit more once I get it back to Melbourne and can listen to great radio like RRR and PBS. Thank god over-the-air radio hasn’t been obsoleted and digitised. One last thing I like about it is the shape – it really is big looking from the front, crying out to be blasting old skool FRESH BEATZ. You can’t see it in my photo (there are better examples on the net) but the top horizontal line of its rectangle is slightly arched, like what the roman architects did with the columns at the Parthenon, so it looks super-phat.

Maybe it never set out for anything else, but the build quality is kind of cheap. It does look very plasticky. The digital clock in the LCD display that shows with it’s turned off doesn’t hold correct time for shit. All the buttons feel cheap when you push them. With the play/stop/back/forward/ buttons, as you can see in the pic, they all have a colour around them. Green is for stop, red is for forward. Either rebellious or thoughtless. At the top it has a picture of the am/fm bandwidths — but it’s just that – a picture, the tuner itself is internal and digital.

The sound quality of the speakers is okay. I’ve read other people saying it’s not that good, but I actually prefer that full-frontal blasting at you set up of two speakers together — when you really want to rock – the tiny, surround sound computery speaker thing is sucky.

Also there’s a mic jack slot for if you want to MC over your fresh beatz, and there’s even a knob for controlling mic echo. I haven’t tried this since I don’t have a mic or a larger size jack plug.

I don’t think these are even being sold now since teh apples announced their dick-size change. I bought it a couple of weeks before the announcement. On amazon or ebay the price for the Lasonic was pretty decent, but anywhere else, like here in korea, or in australia the added cost of shipping and domestic sales tax or customs or whatever really makes it pretty damn expensive for what it is.

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