Seymour headbutts. C’mon fellas I wanna seymour headbutts.

Golly, the incumbent’s electioneering campaign is way more entertaining than the challenger’s. And golly I love being a regional Victorian, we know how to take direct action.

<a href=”” title=”20040422_SEYMOURHEADBUTT by esquimauxpie, on Flickr”><img src=”” width=”200″ height=”301″ alt=”20040422_SEYMOURHEADBUTT” /></a>

Apparently it happened in Kilmore, but the guy was from Seymour and there’s no way I’m going past a heading-opportunity like this. The still image is pretty alright but the video footage, all 2 seconds of it was positively stellar. The facial expressions of the bloke doing the butting — even if I had two hours to sit around trying to word that half-second as he swung his head-as-a-weapon back … I could not. The way he rebounded backwards just as much as the minder was thrown back by the force – O the physics! it was like those silver executive ball-toys. The facial expression of the copper behind them as he realised what was happening and swung into action grabbing the bloke doing the butting.
And that fantastic mullet!

I look at things like this and I don’t see a disturbing display of violence, I see humanity in all its confused, complex beauty. A small man desperately gropes for a solution to an insurmountable difference of opinion, and comes up with the headbutt — the unthinking self-sacrifice where mind clashes against mind and the aggressor withdraws in as much pain as the opponent.

Maybe it’s just due to deadline-induced stress, but I feel like I’m getting laughs out of more and more things lately. I’m grateful I live in an era where there’s video cameras everywhere enough to catch gems like this.

I can’t wait to see what ‘politics’ inspired antics are on the news tonight.