That’s the name of one of Hyundai’s new cars. It’s supposed to be a combination of the words velocity and roadster. I find myself thinking colostomy bag. At first I was a bit puzzled by the look of it. It looked like a giant had sat on the back and squashed it a bit. And I’m a bit perturbed by how many cars have such small back windows lately. I guess they’re doing it all with cameras and sensors now.

After reading more on the veloster I feel more positive about it. On the driver’s side it has one door and on the passenger side it has two doors. So they’re at least trying to do something different. Even if it turns out to be a bad idea at least it was an attempt. And the veloster is available in real colours — a sunflower yellow, a gaudy orange and a red among others. And so here we have a foto of korea’s main manufactured export, small affordable cars, next to korea’s greatest natural resource, attractive young women.

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I started writing this entry a couple of weeks ago and now I can’t remember what the main point was but I was thinking something bigger about something to do with it all.

That gum you like is going to come back in style

Yes, I’ve been watching a little of Dr. Katz again thanks to the modern wonders of the internet and how every tv show and movie ever made is now available to be watched at anytime, provided you have the bandwidth.
I like that show’s laid-backness. It’s relaxing to view banter like that.

I have also been looking at Twin Peaks, again. It stands up to time surprisingly well. I have been reading this book about North Korea. Something about the guidance of the loving father. It’s a long book; 800 pages. I got to page 16 and thought – that’s 2% done.

It’s funny to think about the underlying sentiment in the post that lies directly below this one. The other night I was at a cafe with a friend, showing her pictures from my childhood, via the modern wonders of the laptop computer. There were several class photos from primary school. for each, she picked out which kid I was and then asked me which girl I liked. And indeed each year there was some girl I had a secret crush on. It’s funny because other times I’d looked back at them in intervening years, that hadn’t occurred to me. After about four class fotos, and four crush-girls, my friend commented that they were all very different styles of girl. What she was getting at was the look of each. A blonde, a brunette, a girl with caramel-coloured hair.
I don’t knw that it really has anything to do with anything but it does remind me of a pattern where when one choice turns out to be the wrong one, I can often vault over in the other direction, thinking that must be what I need.