goodbye to Gil

Gil Scott-heron died a few days ago. The news blurbs mention ‘the revolution will not be televised’ and a recent comeback album that I’ve not heard but he made heaps of great music. A couple of months back I came across the album Reflections. I was looking for whatever album he made that contained the excellent track, Gun. <a href=””>Here</a> is a youtube of it if you’re interested. But Reflections has the track B Movie as well – a rather keen observation of Regan-era america.

<a href=”” title=”Reflections by esquimauxpie, on Flickr”><img src=”” width=”302″ height=”294″ alt=”Reflections”></a>

I’ve always thought one of the most difficult things for anyone doing political music was balancing out the preachiness with good, musical listenibility. Gil’s partnership with Brian Jackson achieved that really well.