It came from the sky

Yes, so we here in Geelong got a bit of rain yesterday. Thankfully nothing really disastrous at home but it was another reminder of how houses in most of victoria are built fairly lackadaisically due to the relatively mild temperatures year-round.

The backyard flooded a bit but it soon soaked in.

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And the Charu started freaking out when hail was hitting the back door and window. I opened to the door to show her it was just rain, but plenty of it. I expected she’d understand and back up inside but instead she ran out and disappeared for a while. When she came back she looked like a drowned water rat.

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Dish Cafe in Geelong

I just wanted to give a quick but big thumbs up to <a href=””>Dish</a> in the middle of old Geelong town. Personally, I find _very few_ places that I really like to go back to. Most places I go to are over-priced with average food or have reasonable prices but nasty food. The whole Waterfront area of Geelong is a tourist-trap full of terrible eateries these days.

And I can remember back to the late 90s/early 00s, and even earlier when the area around little Malop st, McLarty place, James street was full of interesting shops. All of the walk-by shopper traffic was sucked away by the Westfield monstrosity. Plus I bet rent prices went way higher than was affordable for most shop-owners.

So anyway it’s great to see a new (relatively new?) cafe in that area.

They make almost all of the stuff they have for sale. It’s good quality and very good prices. Dave, the chef, is a really friendly bloke too.  I guess another thing I like too is that when we go in there on a Saturday lunchtime it’s fairly quiet. Good for me, not so good for the business. Although I’d like to think they are much busier on weekdays with the office crowds.

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bees and the things they do

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I was recently down at G.West at my most recent permanent address in australia. There’s this bunch of bee boxes stacked just outside the door of what was my bathroom shed. Honey is sweet, but I don’t know if I could’ve coped with walking past incoming/outgoing bees every time I needed a slash. Apparently the worker bees that go out and collect the pollen are girls. I didn’t know that. I thought they were sexless. I had some of their honey on pikelets. Pretty good.

Pakington street has completed its transition to yuppification. Kinda sad. To me there seems to be a really stark contrast between the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’. The former category consists of the young, tanned, pusher-pushing, cleanly-dress and unsmiling yuppies. I see that at 35 I am not young any more. The latter are the recently de-institutionalised mental patients (of which there are _many_). People in wheelchairs. People in motorchairs. The old. The obscenely fat. People wearing sun hats.

One of the reasons why I wanted to leave Geelong, and Australia, five years ago was that I was sick of the distant disconnected “don’t touch me!” vibe I would get from most people when out in town.

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I’m really tempted to get this fake tiger skin rug but 65bucks? I’m not sure I can go that far for ultrakitch.

when RegionalSquid met CentralSquid

Chuck your Natasha Atlas tape in the deck and press play because we’re taking a journey back in time to the lands of the mysterious ancient Egyptians …


The ancient Egyptian of North Geelong that is. The Sphinx Hotel – featuring ‘deNile dance club’ for over 25s. Hey! I’m over 25s, but it’s never a good sign when they have to state ‘no denim’.
I mean, what are people supposed to wear, their tracksuits?

Speaking of tracksuits I should mention the few good vids out of a selection of several forgetables that I’ve seen recently. The Royal Tenenbaums was quite clever – a lot of detail in it.
The Man Who Wasn’t There must be one of the Coen brothers’ earlier efforts because i hadn’t heard of it before. Playing a quiet character really suited Thornton.
And I’ve been watching Twin Peaks again. Now that’s the kind of thing DVDs would be really handy for. Damn it’s good – the characters, the writing and the aura that the setting gives off.