my how technology is a grand

I got a Chromecast the other day. It’s a little thing that I plug into the back of the telly so that I can send videos from the phone or tablet to be viewed on the big screen. Both phone and tablet screens are just too small to be comfortable to watch _anything_ on. The laptop is just bearable but this new thing works good. Now at dinner time, instead of reruns of M.A.S.H. I can watch <a href=””>a 10hour train journey through Norway from the front of a loco</a>.

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Last Saturday was Pakofest. Here is a foto of my bruddas and sistas of the Karen community in Geelong. The parade was okay except there was a couple of big gaps in it and because I was not near a loud speaker I thought it was over so strolled off after only two-thirds had gone by. I did manage to bump into some of the last parts again but I don’t know what was going on with the float co-ordination.

Also whatever sliver of tolerance I had for being stuck in crowded throngs is presently gone.

the heat at midday

Well I’ve been back in Australia a week now and already I’ve found something to complain about! Telstra: it’s so poorly run. Why is there default setting to interfere with your life as much as possible? I got prepaid 30 day things for both the internet and mob. phone but once that 30 days is up I’ll be spending my dolla elsewhere.

This is a bit later than when I’m usually here each summer, but this one seems like a particularly dry one — down here in the south-west of Vic. at least. I am sad to find out that the Poly-Waffle has been discontinued! We went to PakoFesta in geelong west yesterday — first time I’ve been able to go in nearly a decade. Was great to see the parade and interesting to see how the ethnic mix has changed slightly. Sweden, Finland and France used to have contingents but don’t now. And a couple of new African nations were there walking along and getting their groove on — new enough that the organisers haven’t made wooden signs for their countries yet. I am embarrased to say that I couldn’t really pick the flags, although I’m pretty sure one was South Sudan and the other would be geographically close to South Africa because the design was very similar to SA’s flag. Also, as with many areas of life, China was there, making a lot of noise and being over-competitive. I don’t remember them having a contingent in the past. I used the hipstamatic for all the fotos which probably wasn’t such a good choice.

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bees and the things they do

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I was recently down at G.West at my most recent permanent address in australia. There’s this bunch of bee boxes stacked just outside the door of what was my bathroom shed. Honey is sweet, but I don’t know if I could’ve coped with walking past incoming/outgoing bees every time I needed a slash. Apparently the worker bees that go out and collect the pollen are girls. I didn’t know that. I thought they were sexless. I had some of their honey on pikelets. Pretty good.

Pakington street has completed its transition to yuppification. Kinda sad. To me there seems to be a really stark contrast between the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’. The former category consists of the young, tanned, pusher-pushing, cleanly-dress and unsmiling yuppies. I see that at 35 I am not young any more. The latter are the recently de-institutionalised mental patients (of which there are _many_). People in wheelchairs. People in motorchairs. The old. The obscenely fat. People wearing sun hats.

One of the reasons why I wanted to leave Geelong, and Australia, five years ago was that I was sick of the distant disconnected “don’t touch me!” vibe I would get from most people when out in town.

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I’m really tempted to get this fake tiger skin rug but 65bucks? I’m not sure I can go that far for ultrakitch.