Long story short

We here at Sunny breaks would like to acknowledge the continued awesomeness of <a href=”http://www.hostcentral.net.au/”>HostCentral</a> where this website has been perched hassle-free for the last six and a half years. Six and a half years!–that’s almost forever in internet-time. Most hosting people are capable of keeping servers running but I’ve found that few are good at the customer support part, especially when it means answering whingey, half-baked emails from customers. And that’s where <a href=”http://www.hostcentral.net.au/”>HostCentral</a> wins, great customer support. Plus it’s located in Melbourne so when Silicon Valley sinks into the Pacific, as it’s bound to do very soon, Sunny Breaks and all the other websites hosted on <a href=”http://www.hostcentral.net.au/”>HostCentral</a> will continue to rock the internet unimpeded.