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I don’t usually bother dabbling in polotics these days but this is interesting. I was a little puzzled the other days when I couldn’t leave a biting comment on you-tube about an effects pedal the other day. Firefox throws down a little box saying comments have been disabled because of blahblah real name policy. I thought this would mean that I’d have to go to some dumb korean website to sign up with my name just so I could troll youtoob.

But after reading <a href=””>this article on the hankoryeah</a> I see that google central has shut down comments and uplaods to you-tube from within S.Korea, because fascist government policy here goes against their belief that people should be able to be anonymous on the internet. Right on. About time google did something I agree with. The article finished with this:

Jeon Eung-whi, a standing member of Green Consumers Network in Korea, said, “This affair has given an impression to the world that ‘South Korea is an advanced nation in terms of technology, however, is a backwards nation in terms of freedom.