The beginning of the beginning…

of live-in testing and alterations.
The main reason why I’ve swapped over to the pivot system is that it’s easily changable – most of this – the index/log page is in HTML – as opposed to YaWPS which was all confusing and perl.
What you see is the plain vanilla set up look that comes with the package. (I’d put in a link to where you can get it – but there’s one right there –> where it says pivot and a whole bunch of dutch.)
I’m almost tempted to stay with this layout – one thing I’ve come to realise is that I don’t have any sense of “taste” or cool when it comes to putting together layouts and choosing colours. I look at other people’s and I think, `yeah, that’s all right’ – but I can’t get comfortable with what works for me.
I was muckin around most of yesterday on that – and then I get frustrated and think – `what the hell’s the layout got to do with it anyway – isn’t it about the content?’

Also, am converting most of the entries form the old set up – over to here somehow – is a pain in the arse. I really hope I can be satisfied with the pivot set up becau