Shock Corridor (1963)

Third up in the list of Film Noir is _Shock Corridor_. Total spoilage: it’s not a happy ending with this one but otherwise is just as strong a story as _Blast Of Silence_. And what do you know, Larry Tucker aka Big Ralphy is in this one too. He must’ve done the rounds of early 60s noir and then hung up his acting hat.

<a href=”” title=”larrytucker by esquimauxpie, on Flickr”><img src=”” width=”320″ height=”196″ alt=”larrytucker”></a>

So anyway this film was showing us the whacky and grizzly insides of an insane asylum a good deal before Jack crazied it up on _One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest_. You could probably do a great Intro to Film Studies essay about this movie because there’s three characters that represent different parts of the shadow that the US cast over itself and other parts of the world, including the very fresh over-hang of racial segregation.

<a href=”” title=”shockcorridor by esquimauxpie, on Flickr”><img src=”” width=”320″ height=”172″ alt=”shockcorridor”></a><br/><em>Trent cracked up after being hounded out of the university he was </em>in theory<em> entitled to attend.</em>

The main character gets shock treatments but they don’t scramble his brains immediately and there’s one scene where for a moment he loses the ability to talk. It uses voice over to tell us what he’s thinking and he’s wanting to open his mouth and wondering why it won’t work. That was a great little bit of visual story-telling.

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I also watched a couple of ’70s science fiction movies: _Logan’s Run_ (1976) : kind of weird but had some great ’70s breasts in it (they just seemed kind of different back then) and _Silent Running_ (1972) which I remeber seeing when I was real little, as in back in the BTV6 cargo cult days. Maybe I was 7 or something. This was the first time I’ve watched a movie and felt ‘this seemed much bigger when I was little’ in the way that a town where you grew up might. My memory of the ship Bruce Dern was floating around on was that it was much bigger and I can remember being quite tramatised when one of the little walking-boxes (robots) got his foot stuck in the railing and got blown away in a space storm. I guess that sense of ‘hey this could be much bigger’ is a good thing because maybe this is one film-story that could be re-done successfully but I guess it’d have to be done outside hollywood, _a la_ <a href=”″>Moon</a>.

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One photography app I’ve been mucking around with recently is <a href=”″>VSCO cam</a>, which free but that’s just to lure you in to get you to spend some money. I didn’t mind so much since these little, invisible things are all I’m spending money on now (other than food). One thing I do really like is the <a href=””>VSCO Grid</a> idea. This is exactly what Hispstamatic should’ve done instead of piss-farting around with Oggl; an instagram clone. A nice minimal, arty-lookin’, centralised webfront for people to show off their hipstamatic shots. Again, free at first and then charge for enhanced services/features later. Like leading lemmings off a cliff. <a href=””>Here’s my grid.</a>