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It’s the first Indian grand prix this weekend. Looks rather smoggy and dusty there, just north of new dehli. The event may rival korea’s first race, last year, for chaos levels. Five minutes into the first practice a dog ran on the track. Loads of stray dogs romping around apparently. But the track does look more interesting than some of the other recently-designed efforts. I quite liked this moment, above, fernando Alonso’s car conked out and he was sitting on a cement block below the big screen, then turned around and watched the replay of himself coming to a stop.

grand prix

Just watched a great doco on the bad old days of formula one. A fine example of how when things are wrong they won’t get right unless you do something about it.

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I dreamt I was in a supermarket shopping for specific ingredients like brown sugar and dark chocolate – so maybe I was planning to make a cake. I soon learned that Tex Perkins was behind the checkout – not ringing stuff up but just there. He started to do a performance. I sat down and watched. There were some other guys in the audience who looked to be not from around here so I asked one what Tex was doing in Korea. He said something to the affect that Tex’s girlfriend was a Filipina woman and that he came here to get a little space.

On a related note, if you have ten minutes:

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Under advisement I checked out an episode of ‘Spenser: For Hire’ with the information that this Spenser was something of a fashionista. I’m no expert on the 80s, but I’m guessing I watched the wrong Spenser.

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Although it was interesting to see Avery Brooks pre-DS9. He was all blinged up.

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The last word on car racing. I didn’t take any fotos of how muddy the car park was, but here’s a shot (schnaffled from <a href=””>Plan F1</a>) of Mark Webber’s car after sliding off the track. That’s what my new 574s look like.

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Inaugural Korean Grand Prix: So Disappoint!

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Going into it,  I was very excited about Formula One coming to Korea but also aware that there could be teething problems. There was concern beforehand that the track wouldn’t be ready on time. The organisers managed to complete the track and the minimum safety requirements needed for the race to go ahead. But they did little else beyond that. Their excuses centred on it raining a lot during the summer season. To them I reply, _it rains a lot EVERY summer season_.

Lots of images, so hit the Continue reading “Inaugural Korean Grand Prix: So Disappoint!”


This year and last my more leisurely work schedule has enable me to get back into watching the formula one car racing. I guess I’ve watched it off and on since I was a kid. Here in Korea the best way to watch it is as a downloaded torrent. There’s one chap who’s known as tdmk who uploads the file and then it spreads pretty quickly. I get to watch it about a day after it’s fun. So, big thanks to him, and to the BBC who provide the coverage. They do a pretty good job with the reportage pre and post race, certainly much better than what I remember of channel 10 in australia.

It’s sport and drama rolled into one. All the different egos and personalities clashing and reacting with each other. I think last year I was just happy to see a close title fight and wasn’t barracking for any driver in particular. This year, despite my better judgement, I’ve been caught up in Mark Webber fever! I really hope he wins the world driver’s championship. Partly because he’s australian, but also because he seems to be getting a slightly raw deal within the red bull team. I always go for the underdog. I say better judgement, because last year, and at times this year, he’s reminded me of barracking for the Geelong Football Club — at least — a few years back, they would show such amazing potential, then snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory. But Mark has a very Australian personality and it comes through in the interviews. Also, he has this near-permanent 5 o’clock shadow and angular face which makes him look like a computer game character.

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Other drivers I’m liking this year are: Robert Kubica of Poland; he’ll definitely rise to the top in the next few years. And Heikki Kovelinan, the Finn who’s with the Lotus team this year.

Anyway, F1 is coming to S.korea for the first time this year and me and j-e, my girlfriend are going. It’s in two weeks. I’m hoping it’ll be really worth it.