Last sunday I caught the train into the city to hand over one of my guitars to a lucky buyer. Despite it being one of the busiest days for people using the train, services for lilydale & belgrave are combined, making fr a rather pakt carriage by the time it gets to hawthorn. I was sitting in a special needs seat, because if there was ever a dude who had special needs, it’s me.

But I did move my case to  make way for an old lady when pulling out of Glenferrie. Is that a bassoon? she asked. Why yes it is! Said I. I’m the bassoon player for the Royal Philharmonic.

My daughter used to play bassoon, she said. I’m also a member of the Melbourne Pops Bassoon Quintet, I added. In fact, I own and run a shop in East Camberwell called, “Bassoons A’Plenty” — not to be confused with my arch rival’s shop, “Plenty of Bassoons” in Plenty rd, Lower Plenty.

Several years ago I wrote a book titled _Baboon with a bassoon_ on the subject the complex social strata of African Yellow Baboons, and the implications of handing out bassoons to them.

My daughter never visits me now she has her own family, said the old lady. Yeah bassoons are great, I replied.

*   *   *

I have to say australians are a bunch of wussies when it comes to actually _bidding_ on a guitar on ebay. There were 15 watchers for the Jaguar and not a single bid. I got several emails after the auctions saying, ‘ah yeah, do ya still have that guitar?’ Selling pedals last year went rather smoothly in comparison, but I guess there’s something about the larger monies involved, and buyers needing some sort of token, ritualistic touching of the instrument before buying.

I met Ballarat country father & son at the vic markets. They bought it. Son was about 16, wearing a nirvana t-shirt and had long hair. I could see that Lobo (lonesome bones) the jaguar was going to a good home.

The black tele custom sold today, but not after a weird stand-offish situation with a (frankly) bad-vibed chap last night who came to look at it and attempted to haggle. I really don’t like haggling, even as purchaser, much less as seller. He called back today and said could meet minimum price and despite it being a couple of bits of inanimate wood I felt a little unsure of handing it over to strange man.