Anybody else out there own a Danelectro Dano Pro?

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I got this a couple of months ago and I really like it.
The neck pickup has a fantastic sound – really smoking. A lot of the info I’ve read about the 07 reissue of the Pro says the pickups are wound hotter than the models produced a few years ago.
I’ve been banging on guitars off and on for a long time but have just recently taken an active interest in the technical side. I’m new to most of it, but I know my ears. When I switch from the Fender Jaguar to the Dano Pro, with the same settings on the amp, it’s easy to hear that the pickups have more oomph in them. Although it could be the semi-hollowness of the Pro also.

Also, I like the shorter neck. My arms are not short, but playing just feels more comfortable.
Maybe it’s got something to do with the way the neck is bolted on, but it has heaps of sustain. It’s probably got something to do with the way the neck is attached–there’s a lot of screws. In fact, when I have it strapped on and body is sitting against my kidneys in a particular way, I can feel the sound resonate which is pretty cool.

It handles distorted tones better than I thought it would. I thought it would mostly be in the realm of clean and slightly overdriven sounds but it goes well even with the Big Muff.

One of the things that’s not so great is that the tone & vol knobs don’t taper much at all.
This is one project I was thinking of. I haven’t tried my hand at soldering yet, but was thinking about getting a couple of tone/vol of from somewhere like and replacing the stock ones. That wouldn’t be too hard would it? Would it? (I don’t want to fuck up my guitar!)

I was initially thinking that the bridge pickup wasn’t so great. The sound is definitely a lot thinner than the neck, but I’m starting to think that it’s just different. If I attempted to change it, it would probably end up sounding very similar to the neck — and there’s no point in making them sound the same.

But another thing I was thinking of doing was rewiring the middle position of the selector toggle. Right now it has both pickups on. What I’m wondering is if it can be rewired to that the two pickups run together, acting like one spread out humbucker. I read somewhere that kind of thing is possible but I’m wondering how difficult is it — do you have to mess with the insides of the pickups or is it just the wiring in between?

Anyway, I know this kind of guitar isn’t for everyone but I really dig it. There doesn’t seem to be anywhere around on the internet for appreciators of Dano Pros to gather. If I could easily add a discussion board to this website I’d do it. Let’s see if this blog post garners any interest.


In relation to Pat’s comment, here is a roughly drawn but measurement-correct diagram of where the neck is screwed on at the back.

<a href=”” title=”danomeasurements by esquimauxpie, on Flickr”><img src=”” width=”420″ height=”300″ alt=”danomeasurements” /></a>