Are you gettin enough happiness? / are you gettin enough of what makes you happy?

Another thing about people from other countries n stuff is racism against Indians. I guess it’s a problem because it’s on the telly news all the time. Back when I was in grade six in highton Geelong me and sibs would play backyard cricket in the frontyard. We had this rubber ball that looked like a mini soccer ball. I could really hit that thing. And on occasion I’d hit it onto the neighbours roof and it’d get caught in their green shade cloth porch situation. They’d have to get it out for us. The neighbours were an Indian family.

In light of recent events and eager to put right my childhood transgressions I’ve been wandering around the outer burbs late at night (cause weather is nice and cool) and when I come across people who clearly look to be of Indian decent I’ve been letting them know that I am indeed and in fact _not racist_.
The local taxis, a cartel I believe, are run by Indians so after walking the streets for hours every night I get a taxi back to where I stay. I sit in the back and a while into the trip I lunge forward suddenly and say to my turban-topped friend, “hay mate! I’m not racist. Just wanted to say… not racist”.

Anyway, it’s good to be making a positive contribution in Australia again on behalf of the dominant anglo-saxon majority.