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Last Sunday travelling between one smallish town and another we jumped off the bus and walked around, through the rice fields. It’s so peaceful once you get away from the main roads. There’s probably the question of whether utilities could be easily connected out there, but I honestly wonder why more people don’t move out a bit instead of living on top of one another in the cities. By western standards, a driving commute wouldn’t take that long at all.

These fotos are <a href=””>affected</a> but there’s normal looking ones <a href=””>there</a> too.

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*80s flashback tripleshot*

Being out there triggered that old song <a href=””>Walking on the Chinese Wall</a>. Hadn’t heard it in years, but it’s obviously stuck down there in the memory somewhere. <a href=””>Skin Deep</a>. Commercial FM radio: who’d have thought I’d ever miss it? <a href=””>No Promises</a> Iva Davies falls into that What Are They Doing Now? category.