Hello 2015 / the beaten side of town

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I’ve been in this here town for a couple of weeks now and am starting to get a feel for it. Enough to blog it up. I’m liking it. The things I was hoping for are here. Namely, a bit more space = less population density. One of the main way to get from my joint to the main part of town is through the campus I’m working at, and there’s <em>plenty</em> of space in there. I can really get my stride on walking without some urchins & their junk getting in my way.

Air is less polluted with car fumes, but seems to be a bit more dusty — at least in this part of the year. Maybe partly because the area outside here looks like moon base Alpha presently:

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But it’s not just around here that’s less crowded. It’s a strange city for korea. It’s really sprawled, so it can cost 6 bucks in a taxi to get to the other side of town but there’s also sections I’ve walked through where _there’s just not much going on_. That might not mean much to some, but it’s fucking revelatory to me. Dead buildings, empty lots, mysterious properties with cyclone + barbed wire fencing.

At moments it’s reminded me of Shanghai — pedestrian crossings with light that are so quiet that it’s best to ignore them, flyovers (although not nearly enough of them — I love flyovers), and of course the space. In this part of town there’s a lot more young people and way less staring, bad-vibed old people.

I’ll reserve judgement about the job because it hasn’t really hit full speed yet. But it’s pretty cruisey. Apartment is smaller, but just requires a bit more organisation on my part, which doesn’t sound like much, but it is. Much more efficiently heated. I was always aware it was winter in the last place.

The outfitting of the apt was quite decent, and then on Friday, they delivered the _bigarse tv_!

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I know these things are as common in Korea as public rubbish bins in Australia, but it still amazes me. When they told me, oh yeah, we’re delivering tvs, I thought of the flatron I used to have in eeetchon that took up about 12 cubic metres of my 18 cubic metres of living space, and given that I don’t actually like the television they broadcast here, I was saying I don’t want one. But you’ve got to have one, they says. Then I heard it was a ridgey-didge flatscreen, and softened on the idea. THEN I realised I could hook it up to the mac mini. I got the right cable yesterday and now we’re really cookin’. The refresh rate is a little too low to do prolonged computer work on but I’m looking forward to watching Django on dvd tonight.